Wellspring Calgary’s Light It Up Year-End Matching Campaign – Now Closed

Please note that our Light It Up Year-End Matching Campaign has now come to a close. Watch for our announcement of total funds raised later this month.

And once again, thank you to everyone who made a gift. Your gracious support allows us to fulfill our mission of serving people living with cancer at no cost to them. Your generosity improves the lives of all those we are privileged to serve. We couldn’t do it without you.

Previous message from Dec 18, 2020:

Thanks to the generosity of many near and far, we are excited to announce that to date, we have raised an incredible $150,000 towards our Light It Up Year-End Matching Campaign! This is the highest amount raised in all of our matching campaign history, and brings us closer to our potential matching total of $205,000 – our highest match event ever!

To all who have made early donations, we are overjoyed by your incredible support – first-time and long-time donors alike! For many others, you’ve advised your donation is on its way. To all of you – thank you!

As a reminder, all donations received or post-marked on or before Dec 31, 2020 will be matched.

I want to make a donation to Wellspring Calgary’s Light It Up Year-End Matching Campaign

Our sincere gratitude to the Gerald A. Cooper-Key Foundation, Jack Anderson and Dr. Wendy Ovaris, the Reilly Family and additional anonymous donors who entrusted us with their guidance, goodwill and belief in Wellspring to deliver on our promise so no one has to face cancer alone.

It is this same promise that has always propelled this annual year-end event.

Did you know our Light it Up Year-End Matching Campaign is the ambitious offspring of our annual Light It Up Run and Walk event?

Here’s a trip down memory lane … the walk and matching campaign were both conceived by the deeply passionate and incredibly tenacious Kevin Kaminski, late husband of our recent outgoing CEO, Patti Morris.

Kevin and Patti, along with their daughters Katie and Claire Kaminski, designed, planned, and for several years, organized our Light it Up Calgary Run and Walk. Right from year one, Light It Up had incredible traction, garnering unprecedented member, donor and sponsor support, and drawing countless volunteers, fans and participants. Since Kevin’s untimely death in 2019, his family, along with many other devoted Wellspring supporters, vowed to uphold this legacy and ensure the Light It Up Run and Walk continues in support of Wellspring Calgary.

How does the Year-End Matching Campaign fit in? This too, harkens back to Kevin’s desire to ensure Wellspring would always be well-funded. In 2014, as Wellspring Calgary was preparing to mark its annual holiday spirit by lighting up Carma House, Kevin seized the opportunity to spark a new channel for giving, connecting generous donors with our vision of lighting the way for those living with cancer, and inspiring others to give with the incentive of being matched.

Watch the 2019 video by Patti Morris:

Indeed, Wellspring’s Light It Up initiatives are rooted in genuine compassion and a family’s unyielding desire to ensure cancer support is available free of charge for those who need it. With immeasurable gratitude, we acknowledge and pay tribute to the legacy of Kevin Kaminski, and the continued support of Patti Morris and her family.

We hope you will help us to honour their important life’s work to assist Wellspring in carrying the torch forward.

Thank you, and I wish you and your family a happy holiday season – one that may look different from other years, but is no less bright.

Sheena Clifford
Acting CEO

PS: We will announce our final achievement in January 2021.