The Willow Park Wine & Spirits Raffle

Here’s your chance to win the lottery… a wine lottery, that is! The winner of the Wellspring Calgary Wine Raffle will receive a curated collection of 96 bottles (750mL) of premium wines selected by Willow Park’s team of Trusted Experts, a Master Chef 31-Bottle Wine Cooler with Stainless Steel Trim and a 12 glass set of Riedel Vertias Red & White wine glasses. What you do with them is up to you – whether you want start your personal collection, give them as gifts, or impress your dinner guests! You’ll get to experience fantastic flavours from iconic wineries such as Brewer Clifton, Columbia Crest, Faustino, Gray Monk Winery, and more!

Ticket proceeds go to Wellspring Calgary.


Total Prize Value: $4,000

Tickets: $20 each 

Deadline to purchase tickets: Friday, November 13, 2020 at midnight or earlier if raffle tickets have sold out.

Draw date: 2PM on Thursday, December 3, 2020 at Willow Park Wine & Spirits (10801 Bonaventure Dr. SE) in Calgary, Alberta. Tickets will be mailed to purchasers and you will be contacted by email/phone if selected. You do not need your paper tickets in order to redeem your prize. Note: the draw will not be open to the public.


Purchase your tickets HERE.


Only 1000 tickets to be sold. No limit to the number of tickets per purchase. You must be 18 years of age or older and live in Alberta to purchase tickets. 

AGLC Licence #566608.

News Release: Cancer support services now provided across southern Alberta

Everyday 58 Albertans hear the words ‘you have cancer.’ One in two people will hear these words in their lifetime. Wellspring Calgary’s vision is to ensure no one has to face cancer alone, and thanks to support from Alberta Cancer Foundation donors, the charity will extend its reach across southern Alberta, providing programs and services that meet the emotional, social and restorative needs of people living with cancer, their caregivers, and families.

“In 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage lV cancer. The fact that I am still here today is mostly attributable to my incredible oncologist and her team. Also, I credit Wellspring Calgary. Wellspring gave me back a sense of purpose and belonging, an outlet for my emotions, a community of people who understand and care. I have no doubt Wellspring is a big reason I’m still here,” says Ian Robinson, a Wellspring Calgary member.

Plans to expand Wellspring’s reach first began in 2018, when an environmental scan unearthed a compelling demand for non-medical cancer support programs and services in southern Alberta communities.

“Significant differences exist in service availability and accessibility of cancer support across the province. With more than 10,000 cancer cases projected for southern Alberta in 2021, support services are needed more than ever,” says Patti Morris, CEO Wellspring Calgary.

In response, Wellspring developed a three-year Southern Alberta Strategy, and with support and partial funding from Alberta Cancer Foundation, set in motion an operational plan to provide cancer support to communities in the region spanning Red Deer to the Canadian border.

Due to the increased vulnerability of cancer patients with respect to COVID-19, Wellspring quickly pivoted to online and telephone program delivery, which expedited its aim to broaden its reach and serve more people living with cancer.

“Another priority for Wellspring has been to collaborate with health-serving agencies, knowing that this multiplies our impact and ensures we aren’t duplicating services or efforts,” says Morris. “With the Southern Alberta Strategy, we are excited to continue our work with health professionals and importantly, to work directly with people living with cancer – to ensure we co-create sustainable programs and services that truly speak to the needs of those within these communities.”

“Most cancer patients experience things like fear, anxiety, pain, financial worries, isolation and guilt during their cancer journey. Living in a rural community adds an extra layer of difficulty accessing this type of supportive cancer care. Our donors are passionate about making life better for Albertans facing cancer, so we’re proud to help support this initiative for rural Albertans,” says Wendy Beauchesne, CEO of the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

“Ultimately we strive to empower people to live well with cancer and to ensure no one has to face cancer alone, regardless of where they live,” says Morris.


For more information, please contact:

Wellspring Calgary:
Suzanne Polyak, Communications Director
Phone: 403.521.5292 ext 1010 | Cell: 403-923-5210 | email:

Alberta Cancer Foundation:
Paula Colvin, Senior Marketing Manager
Phone: 780.905.9273 | email:

About Wellspring Calgary
Wellspring Calgary is a charitable organization with a vision to ensure no one has to face cancer alone. Founded in 2007, it offers programs and services that meet the emotional, social and restorative needs of people living with cancer, their caregivers and their families. Wellspring’s programs are all evidence-informed and offered free of charge and without referral. Wellspring Calgary operates two centres in Calgary and offers a full range of programs online and by phone, with a southern Alberta reach spanning Red Deer to the Canadian border. For more information, please visit

About Alberta Cancer Foundation
Alberta Cancer Foundation is the official fundraising partner for all 17 cancer centres in the province, including the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary. Through this partnership our donors are able to make the most significant impact with a straight line of sight to patients. Our purpose is to create more moments for Albertans facing cancer by inspiring our community to give to innovation in detection, treatment and care. Learn more at

COVID-19 6-month update and message of thanks

From the day we opened our doors, and every day since, our members – those living with cancer, their caregivers and their families – remain our steadfast, unwavering, number one priority.

While the COVID-19 pandemic caused us to temporarily close the doors to our centres on March 13, Wellspring Calgary has been hard at work providing new ways to reach out to our members and broaden our reach. This includes providing programs online and over the phone, moving our manual systems online, and expanding our reach to all of southern Alberta – from Red Deer to the Canadian border.

Wellspring Calgary is providing an essential service that is continually being stretched to meet increased community partner requests, increased demand, and increased memberships, each and every day. Since the pandemic began six months ago, we’ve served 873 people, who have visited 165 programs over 10,400 times. This is nearly the same number of people we supported over six months last year, when our two centres were operating at full capacity with in-person programming.

This work would not be possible without the critical support we have received from our members, funders, donors, community partners, volunteers, program leaders, employees, and friends.

Thank you for being part of the Wellspring community and for helping us advance our mission, to ensure no one has to face cancer alone.

“In these unprecedented times, I wanted to send you a big thank you for all that you and the team at Wellspring are doing to keep programs available. They make a huge difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families – I would not have found treatment as manageable without you. Cancer has been one of the most difficult things I have ever been through, but being able to participate in Wellspring’s programs has been profoundly important. They have helped me find my way through the impossible days and allowed me to celebrate the good days since my diagnosis last summer. Wellspring is a community I hope to be part of for many more years.”

– Wellspring member

Recent Developments:

Expanded Reach

In 2018, Wellspring conducted an environmental scan that unearthed a significant need for non-medical cancer support programs and services in southern Alberta communities. In response, Wellspring developed a three-year plan to expand our reach by working collectively with communities to create sustainable cancer support from Red Deer to the Canadian border.

Prior to COVID-19, Wellspring developed a partnership with the Alberta Cancer Foundation to implement our Southern Alberta Strategy. COVID-19 expedited our online programming and outreach to many new health professionals and community partners. In six months, we have welcomed 306 new members, 78 from outside of Calgary – from 26 different communities.

Increase Programs 

Community Partners continue to reach out to Wellspring Calgary for our expertise in providing essential, non-clinical, evidence-based programs and services. Wellspring is able to deliver these programs and services cost-effectively and efficiently, with cost savings to the healthcare system. Thanks to the trust expressed by our healthcare network, we are pleased to be working in partnership on an array of new opportunities.

Among our new programs, Wellspring Calgary is honoured to be working with Cancer Care Alberta, the Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary and Wellspring Edmonton as we prepare to launch a provincial Indigenous cancer program this year which will be co-facilitated with community Elders.

Gratitude to our Donors

Like many charities, Wellspring Calgary’s fundraising efforts have been impacted by COVID-19. While we worked to re-imagine special events and fundraisers, we are in immense gratitude of all of you who called or wrote us as first time donors, who gave what you could, who shared our messages, who signed up to become monthly donors, who increased your gifts, who gave your annual gift months in advance, and many who we welcomed back. Thank you! Your gifts, as well as your words of support and encouragement for those we are privileged to serve, keeps us inspired.

We continue to maximize all alternate sources of potential funding, such as emerging one-time government and foundation COVID-19 grants. We are pleased to share the following updates:

  • COVID-19 “Cancer is not Cancelled” matching gift campaign: During significant economic uncertainty, you, our trusted donors, raised a total of $260,000! Our sincere gratitude to four anonymous donors who stepped forward to inspire your acts of generosity.
  • The Calgary Foundation: We received a gift of $20,000 through the Pandemic Recovery Program.
  • The City of Calgary, Emergency Resiliency Fund: A one time grant of $50,000.
  • The Government of Alberta, Community and Social Services Grant: A one time grant of $100,000.
  • The Government of Alberta, Mental Health and Addictions: Phase 1 grant of $211,474.

We are also in the preparatory stages of delivering our Light it Up Calgary year-end matching campaign. Stay tuned for further details.

Our Centre

Thankfully, parts of our world are reopening and returning to normal; however, out of concern for the health and safety of our cherished members, volunteers, program leaders and staff, Wellspring is not there yet. With cold and flu season coming up, in addition to continued COVID-19 cases, we will not be opening our centres in 2020.

We will stay in contact with our members, providing ample notice of any openings or in-person programming. In the meantime, we continue to offer programs and support online.



We are so grateful to our Wellspring community – and during this season of thanks, want to express our deep gratitude.

Thank you to those who have just joined us or are long-time members, participating in our online programs. Thank you to our miraculous volunteers who continue to offer support in new, different, and important ways. Thank you to those who lead our programs and provide key support, allowing us to run the programs that we do. And thank you to those who have made donations, supported fundraising efforts and provided key partnerships – you are the backbone of this community! Despite the pandemic, we’ve seen this community expand and grow stronger.

I look forward to what the remainder of 2020 holds. Please stay safe.

Patti Morris
CEO, Wellspring Calgary