Help shed a light on cancer this holiday season.

One in two of us will hear the words “you have cancer” in our lifetime. You likely know someone touched by cancer ­– which means you know the mental, physical and emotional toll it takes on people and those who love them.

Wellspring Calgary exists to ensure no one has to face cancer alone.

Thanks to donors like you, Wellspring offers a comprehensive array of evidence-informed programs and services – complementary to medical treatment. We treat the mind, body and spirit. We provide a steadfast community of support and belonging for anyone diagnosed with cancer and their families.

“The thing about Wellspring is it’s one big community of compassion and understanding. Everyone is welcome, there are no exclusions. It doesn’t matter what program you take or how much energy you have to contribute, you always know it’s okay. You’re with your people, you’re where you belong.”
– Bev Watson, Wellspring member

Your financial support makes all of this possible. You are the friend that reaches down and lifts up members like Bev Watson, living with Stage IV cancer. Your support enables Wellspring to provide free programs and resources that build hope, joy and community.

Six months of online programming during the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that Wellspring Calgary is on track to serve the same number of people living with cancer in 2020 as we served in 2019 when we had two centres open and fully operational. Surveys of these online programs shows 91% of participants felt less isolated in their cancer journey and 99% would recommend Wellspring to a friend.

When you give to Wellspring Calgary, you transform lives. You infuse dark days with light.

With this year’s pandemic, those living with cancer are experiencing significantly more stress and isolation. To show you care, we invite you to make a donation or increase your support – and your gift will be matched!

This year, the Gerald A. Cooper-Key Foundation, Jack Anderson and Dr. Wendy Ovaris, the Reilly Family and additional anonymous donors have stepped up to match donations made on or before December 31, up to $205,000­ – making this year our largest Light It Up Year-End Matching Campaign ever!

Click here to make a donation and have it matched.

Thank you for being a friend and a light in the world. Thank you for caring.

With gratitude,

Patti Morris
Chief Executive Officer, Wellspring Calgary

Money Matters – supporting the financial well-being of those touched by cancer

In a recent study of cancer patients’ perspectives across Canada, 40 per cent indicated they experienced financial burden due to their cancer, and 33 per cent rated that burden as high.[1]

Wellspring is highly attuned to this unfortunate reality, and offers a program that brings relief to those whose health challenges are compounded by financial difficulties: Money Matters.

Money Matters is a one-on-one program designed to assist cancer patients and their families in navigating the resources, paperwork and issues related to finances and employment. The highly sought-after program provides information and support in a comprehensive range of areas including income replacement, drug coverage, returning to work, insurance, community resources and estate information.

Money Matters also offers free clinics with individualized appointments on Wills and Estates, Financial Advice, Long-Term Disability and Employment Law, and Income Tax. All clinics have specific eligibility criteria. Like all Wellspring programs, Money Matters is offered free of charge and with no referral required.

2019 Money Matters Program Highlights:

  • 159 individuals participated in Money Matters, totalling 319 appointments.
  • With the assistance of Money Matters, individuals accessed $187,000 in federal and provincial government benefits, workplace insurance programs, and private insurance programs.
  • Members saved nearly $10,000 in service fees through Wellspring Calgary’s free clinics.

New in 2020

  • In a collaborative partnership with Calgary Zone Social Work Professional Practice Council, Wellspring Calgary’s Money Matters team provides AHS social workers with resource packages on income replacement programs including Alberta Works Income Support, AISH, CPP, and EI. Packages include program overviews, eligibility requirements, asset and income information, payment amounts, as well as program changes and updates.
  • In September, 160 social workers affiliated with AHS attended the first of a four-part Money Matters webinar series on income replacement programs. In November, the second webinar had 231. Each of the one-hour presentations focuses on a specific income replacement program. The series runs until the end of the year.
  • In October the Money Matters program provided a full-day training session on income replacement programs via Zoom to the South Calgary Primary Care Network.

For more information or to book a phone appointment with Money Matters call 587-747-0260 ext. 1006 or email


Wellspring’s Money Matters program is generously supported by: 

Michael and Heather Culbert & Family and Anonymous Donors.


[1] M.I. Fitch, Longo, C.J., Chan, R.J.  Cancer patients’ perspectives on financial burden in a universal healthcare system: Analysis of qualitative data from participants from 20 provincial cancer centers in Canada, Patient Educ Couns (2020), pec.2020.08.013