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Double your impact this holiday season.

One in two of us will hear the words “you have cancer” in our lifetime.  

When Ian Robinson learned he had stage 4 prostate cancer in 2016, he was told that without immediate treatment he could die within two months.

In addition to the flurry of cancer treatments and appointments Ian had, what he wasn’t prepared for was the mental and physical toll that cancer would take on both him and his wife, Kathleen.  

A lot of what he thought made his life worth living – his career, his health, his fitness pursuits – was changed. And Kathleen wasn’t prepared for the financial and emotional toll that being a caregiver would have on her; the reduction in income, increase in expenses and the feelings of loss that she also faced. Fortunately, they reached out to Wellspring for support during this devastating time. 

“The medical community treats the patient. Wellspring treats the person.”
Wellspring member

Your gift helps people like Ian and Kathleen connect with others who get what it’s like to have cancer and receive compassion, practical information, and tools to cope. And you help them receive support in navigating the employment, financial and insurance challenges of cancer. 

Thankfully, Ian’s story isn’t over. Five years after his terminal diagnosis, Ian is still with us. He credits Wellspring with helping extend his life. But he, like others living with cancer, continues to face the added stress and isolation caused by both cancer and a pandemic.  

Wellspring is the only organization in Calgary and across southern Alberta committed to providing community-based supportive care for those living with cancer. Your donation provides free programs and resources that help treat the mind, body and spirit – the whole person. The need is greater than ever. Please give generously to ensure no one faces cancer alone.

The pandemic is having a dire effect on the cancer care community. Interruptions in cancer screenings due to COVID-19 are leading to more advanced cancer diagnoses and a surge in demand for downstream resources.[1] 

Wellspring is stretching to meet the needs of this growing demand. And we’ve seen an increase in collaboration requests from our health and community partners. But as an organization that relies solely on donations and revenues from events and donors, we have been hard hit by this current health crisis. 

Your support is needed to meet the growing needs of those diagnosed with cancer and their families. 

Please give now. And if you make a gift before December 31, it will be matched by generous Wellspring donors – doubling your impact! 

Yes, I want to give a gift and light up lives this holiday season.

When you give to Wellspring Calgary, you transform lives. Thank you for helping ensure no one has to face cancer alone. 

Wishing you a bright, healthy and safe holiday season,  

Natalie Noble  

CEO, Wellspring Calgary  

P.S. Your gift, made before December 31, will be doubled. 

Thank you to our incredible Light it Up Match Champions!

Jack Anderson and Dr. Wendy Ovaris

Kate Bilson

Carraig Ridge Inc.

Tino and Robin DiManno

The Harvie Family

Susan and Dean Milner

The Palmer Family Foundation

Terry and Marion Poole

The Reilly Family

Paul and Nancy Wright

Wellspring Calgary is a registered charity, operating under business number 809013675 RR0001. We hope to raise $175,000 from this appeal (in addition to the $175,000 match contribution) at an estimated cost of $10,000. Funds raised from this solicitation are for the general operations of Wellspring Calgary.

[1] Yong JH, Mainprize JG, Yaffe MJ, et al. The impact of episodic screening interruption: COVID-19 and population-based cancer screening in Canada. Journal of Medical Screening. November 2020. doi:10.1177/0969141320974711

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