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Randy O'Dell House

In October of 2019, Wellspring Calgary opened its second Calgary home, Randy O’Dell House in Seton, offering the space and capacity to serve and provide vital supports to far more Albertans living with cancer.

Randy O’Dell House, located just south of Calgary’s South Health Campus, opened its doors in the fall of 2019. Construction of Wellspring’s second permanent location followed an extensive, multi-year strategic plan to address the overcapacity of Carma House, and to meet the burgeoning need for non-medical cancer support in southern Alberta. The plan, which necessitated a $12M Campaign, was accelerated in 2016 by a significant gift from local entrepreneur, Randy O’Dell, who has regrettably since passed.

Randy O’Dell House is unique in that it was designed and built to meet WELL Building Standard. WELL Certification is a rigorous performance-based system that measures and monitors features of a building that impact human health and wellness, specifically related to air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. WELL is grounded in evidence-based research that explores the connection between buildings and the health and wellness impacts on occupants who spend time there. Randy O’Dell House is currently awaiting the inspection phase of certification.

3910 Seton Drive SE
Calgary, AB T3M 2N9
(ph) 587-747-0260

Randy O’Dell came from humble beginnings in small town of Hampton, New Brunswick. In 1978, at age 25, he moved to Calgary with big dreams, plenty of self-motivation, and an entrepreneurial spirit. He quickly worked his way through the ranks, and in 1984 Randy founded O’Dell Electric and began his ascent in the commercial electrical construction business.

Randy was successful but not selfish. His intention was to leave a legacy in Calgary and give back to the city in a meaningful way; a way that would impact many and give him a sense of worthy accomplishment. Wellspring fit the criteria perfectly. Randy relished the idea of investing in an organization that offers empathetic support, responsive resources, and valuable programs to people journeying through cancer.

Randy’s legacy was the founding donation for the $12.9 million Campaign for Wellspring Calgary that would see Randy O’Dell House built and operational by the fall of 2019. Sadly, Randy passed away before the centre opened, but the joy he expressed during the construction of the centre underscored his generous spirit and his wish to make life better for others.

Randy O’Dell House is my new sanctuary. There is music, laughter, and tears too sometimes, but always there are kind people who are endlessly compassionate, and nothing feels better than that during these challenging times.

– Kathleen Robinson

Randy O’Dell House Floorplans and Donors

This floorplan is designed to help you find your way at Randy O’Dell House, but more importantly, we hope you will linger here long enough to glimpse the wonderful individuals who have given us the privilege of calling our rooms by their names.

If you hover over the dots on the various rooms, you will be treated to an image and a short story about the person we are honouring.

We gratefully acknowledge our donors, and thank them for their support in making Wellspring Calgary – Randy O’Dell House a reality.

Upper Level

1 1. Norris Family Foundation Room
2 2. Culbert Family Money Matters Office
3 3. Inspiration Room
4 4. Jack Anderson Resource Library
5 5. Connie Cooper Tranquility Room
6 6. Catherine Daniel Room
Movement and Meditation

Lower Level

Fitness Room

The Norris Family Foundation has a core mandate of investing in local community. Founded by Calgary philanthropists Alan and Shelly Norris, the Foundation has donated to projects and initiatives that improve the lives of Calgarians. Notable initiatives supported by the Foundation include: the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, the Resolve Campaign, the Calgary Stampede Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, United Way, the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Center, CUPS Health Education Housing and Wellspring Calgary. The Norris Family Foundation believes the strongest communities are ones in which every member has the opportunity lto thrive.

Strongly aligned with Wellspring Calgary’s vision that no one has to face cancer alone, The Norris Family Foundation is proud to contribute to the Randy O’Dell House. This cause is one that has touched the Norris Family personally. We hope that all families living with the devastating effects of cancer have access to the supports they need. Wellspring offers programs and resources that have a positive community impact and the Norris Family Foundation is a proud supporter of their work.

Heather and Michael Culbert have been actively involved in philanthropy in Calgary for many years. They instilled the importance of giving back to the community in their two children Lindsay and Sean from a young age. As a family, the Culberts are involved in various charitable organizations; however, Wellspring Calgary holds a special place in their hearts due to the family’s own connection to cancer.

The Culberts have focused some of their philanthropic efforts on financial aid and feel that it is important that everyone has access to programs and information that will allow them to live as comfortably as possible. Through their support of the Money Matters office at Wellspring Calgary Randy O’Dell House, the Culberts are pleased to know that anyone living with cancer can benefit from guidance and assistance in the financial, insurance and employment challenges they may be facing.

John Stephure: When John was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 47, his life radically changed. Wellspring Toronto had recently opened and John, in hospital, resolved to dedicate himself to building another such centre of solace and support here in Calgary. He left his career as an oil and gas executive behind, and for the next 11 years worked tirelessly with co-founders Barbara and Rita to establish Wellspring Calgary, drawing strength from his faith, his family, and his own steadfast spirit. John died in 2009, just as Carma House opened, but his vision, courage, and generosity continue to inspire and support those whose lives have been touched and forever changed by cancer.
Born, and later diagnosed in the Chinese Year of the Tiger, John drew strength and his will to survive from the tiger.

Rita Egizii: Rita defines herself as a social innovator, an eclectic scholar, and an entrepreneur. Her life purpose is to drive the creation of unique social models that empower citizens. Initially diagnosed with cancer at 38, she is now a two-time survivor who believes passionately in the importance of healing, regardless of prognosis. Finding ‘fellow travellers’ Barbara and John, reinforced her conviction that it was time for a new way to deliver patient-driven healthcare. For Rita, Wellspring Calgary is proof that human dignity is nourished by empathy, shared experiences and community-centered sustenance.

Barbara Cunnings: Barbara has always been deeply impassioned and a strong advocate for others in need. When in 1990, Barbara’s life was interrupted by cancer, she realized there was more to healing than standard medical treatment, and was inspired to find a wellness path that addresses the ‘whole person’, without prohibitive costs. When her quest led her to Rita and then John, together the trio founded Wellspring Calgary. Barbara knew she was destined to help bring this empowering resource to others living with cancer. Today, living well, Barbara considers Wellspring Calgary her most valuable life achievement.

To sum up Jack Anderson is to name a man of extraordinary integrity, ingenuity and vision. He is a man known for his unrelenting work ethic, his spectacular determination, and the tremendous respect he has earned from his peers in business. Jack’s life has been nothing short of remarkable. He forged a diverse and ambitious career, beginning as a young man in sales, and culminating as owner and Chairman of the largest privately-owned propane company in Canada. Jack is a husband, a father, a friend, and a rancher.

But perhaps what Jack Anderson is most noted for is his monumental spirit of giving.

In 2007 Jack gave the largest individual gift in the history of Olds College when he donated 100 classic cars to the Olds College Centennial Year Auction. In 2018, Jack and his daughter Wynne Chisholm, donated their 19,000 acre Cochrane area ranch, complete with 1,000 cows, to the University of Calgary School of Veterinary Medicine.

And to Wellspring Calgary, Jack and his wife Dr. Wendy Ovaris have been impossibly generous. Offering years of quiet support and anonymous gifts, the pair have staked their belief in what Wellspring does, and made tremendous contributions to ensure its sustainability.

Jack Anderson is a true philanthropist, and a true friend of Wellspring Calgary.

Connie Cooper was a wonderful mother and grandmother, a dedicated registered nurse, and a compassionate humanitarian. She was quick to help and support whomever needed her, be it her ailing mother, her children, her grandchildren, or her treasured friends. Connie was highly energetic and engaged in life, raising five children and working full-time for nearly 55 years of her life.

A traditional and dedicated healthcare professional, Connie advocated for patient centric care, believing that all people should be treated with due care and respect. As she spent significant time in hospitals, both as a nurse, and as a patient receiving care, she advised and encouraged nurses to put the patient first, and was known to nurse the patients in beds next to her, even during her own time of need.

Unfortunately, Connie succumbed to cancer at the early age of 76 years old. She lived with cancer for the last 25 years of her life and fought a courageous battle, undergoing many surgeries, chemotherapies and radiation treatments.

Given that Connie dedicated her life to helping other people, she would be pleased to have a room named in her memory at Wellspring Calgary Randy O’Dell House; one more way of playing a role in supporting people and their families experiencing the challenges of illness.

Catherine (Kay) Daniel was an early ‘pioneer’ in recognizing the importance of a strong emotional support system when she was diagnosed with cancer in the early 1980s. Her cancer battle went on for over a decade and she would argue that her support system and positive emotional state dramatically improved her quality of life and may even have extended that life. In her day, there was no internet or Google with which to access information and very little acceptance of the importance of one’s emotional health when battling disease. She wrote many letters and ordered meditation tapes, information on alternate treatments, and ways to cope. She contacted many who were also undergoing cancer care.

This room would have been a big help to Catherine and family had it existed back then! She would be proud to have her name associated with this facility.

Main Floor and Site Plan

7 7. Jan Crist Studio
8 8. Kinsmen Kid's Room
9 9. Firefighters Landing
10 10. Enbridge Room
11 11. Arnie Charbonneau Room
12 12. Calgary Foundation Community Garden

Jan Crist (Babcock) was born on November 20,1954 in Saskatoon, where she was raised, went to school and worked. While living in Saskatoon, Jan married and had four children. In the years that followed, she lived in many different cities, including Vancouver, Regina and eventually Calgary.

Sadly, Jan was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in May, 2006. Although she was given just one year to live, she underwent life-saving treatments and went into remission, granting her six more years with her loved ones. It was because of Jan’s strong will, her positive attitude, and the wonderful support of the amazing staff at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre that our family endured these difficult times. The staff at Tom Baker were amazing and very empathetic toward Jan and her devastated family. They made the process easier to cope with.

In 2012, Jan passed away from her battle with cancer, leaving a hole in all our hearts. She will always be remembered as a wonderful and dedicated mother, grandmother, wife, and friend to all who knew her. She had a special gift for making everyone around her feel loved, and for making us all better versions of ourselves. She was patient and kind and she always made you feel like you were the most important person in the room. She had a way of making every child fall in love with her instantly, hence, she was known as everybody’s “Mom”. Jan touched and brightened so many people’s lives. She was, and continues to be our inspiration. She is dearly missed by her family and friends and will forever be adored by us all.

Kinsmen Club of Calgary is dedicated to serving in our community and is a proud supporter of Wellspring Calgary. This important tie with Wellspring is cemented with the naming of the Kinsmen Kids Room at Randy O’Dell House. This naming opportunity is fitting, as Kinsmen Club of Calgary helps support Wellspring Calgary’s family programs.

The Kinsmen is a 95-year-old Canadian non-profit organization that promotes service, fellowship, positive values, and national pride. Kinsmen Club of Calgary was established in 1924 and remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering life-long friendships while ‘serving the community’s greatest need.’ Two key Kinsmen values are service and fellowship, and these commitments are fulfilled earnestly and zealously.

With pride, Kinsmen of Calgary is pleased to do its part in support of Wellspring Calgary and in helping to serve those living with cancer.

Welcome to Firefighters Landing; your warm and inviting entrance to Randy O’Dell House.

Firefighters Landing pays special tribute to the brave members of our firefighting community who, by virtue of their jobs, are at high risk for many presumptive cancers. Wellspring Calgary commends these individuals for their unwavering services to our communities, and pledges gratitude with the naming of this sacred space – the first steps into our caring Wellspring community.

At Wellspring we cherish our relationship with firefighters and are proud to partner with the Calgary Fire Department and the Calgary Firefighters Association (IAFF Local 255) in our annual Firefighter Stairclimb Challenge. This fundraiser in support of firefighters and community members living with cancer was inspired by Kathy Blas, sister of local fallen firefighter Gord Paul. After years of tenacious work by Kathy, and with the dedicated assistance of Wayne Morris of the Calgary Fire Department, the first stairclimb was launched on May 3, 2015. Since then, the Firefighter Stairclimb has garnered world-wide participation and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of firefighters and community members living with cancer.

With our deepest appreciation and with our warm Wellspring embrace …
WELCOME to Randy O’Dell House.

At Enbridge, we believe a community belongs to everyone who lives there. And, no matter who we are or where we live, all of us want to make life better for our families, our friends, our neighbours and ourselves.

We collaborate with community leaders to support local priorities, and we plan and implement initiatives that help improve the quality of life for residents. That is why we are proud to support Wellspring, together, we are partners in building a strong and healthy community.

Arnold “Arnie” James Charbonneau was the former owner of the A.R. Williams Group of Companies. Arnie was a highly successful business owner and talented entrepreneur. Retiring in 2010 Arnie devoted much of his time to his passion for international travel.

Arnie was an extremely generous philanthropist. He supported and funded many charities and key research programs, including the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute at the University of Calgary.

A passionate motorcyclist and sportsman, Arnie enjoyed a lifetime dedicated to his love of the open road, the backcountry and any golf course. Arnie was the keeper of the ultimate “clipboard of fun”.

Calgary Foundation exists to nurture a healthy, resilient community where everyone feels connected and where everyone belongs. We inspire philanthropy, support the charitable sector and build a permanent endowment to address the current and future needs of people in our community.

As a community builder, there is great alignment between the purpose of Calgary Foundation and the Randy O’Dell House. Wellspring Calgary plays a vital role in building a healthy community by supporting the crucial, but often overlooked needs on the spirit side of a cancer journey.

This project will have a transformational and positive impact on members of our community. Which is why Calgary Foundation, through our Major & Signature Grants program, is privileged to provide support for what will soon be, a very special place of healing.

Due to the significant generosity of an anonymous donor, Calgary Foundation is honoured to gift $1 million to Wellspring Calgary for the Randy O’Dell House and is humbled and grateful that a community garden will be named in Calgary Foundation’s honour in recognition of our support.