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Wellspring is able to do all that it does because of the incredible individuals, groups and organizations we have the privilege of working with. 

We are the hub for community cancer support – welcoming southern Albertans living with cancer to our Wellspring community and raising awareness about additional resources available. 

Everything we do at Wellspring is in collaboration. It’s how we approach each and every step. 

Working together ensures sustainable supports are available to those living with cancer. By increasing coordination and avoiding duplication, we maximize the resources and their accessibility for our cancer community.

Brenda Hubley, Chief Program Officer for Cancer Care Alberta, underscores the value in collaborating with Wellspring Calgary.

We are honoured to collaborate with the following organizations (among others):

Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation

Featured Collaborations:

Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed – an Enduring Wellspring Partner

For nearly 15 years and running, Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed has been an esteemed partner and friend of Wellspring Calgary, ensuring those living with cancer have access to evidence informed exercise and education programs to aid in their wellness.

Alberta Health Services

Wellspring Calgary is honoured to work in close partnership with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and in particular, with Cancer Care Alberta.