Pillars of Support – How your investment makes a difference

Wellspring Calgary’s program offerings are built on four integrated pillars of support:

  • Educational: To inform, enlighten and guide people living with cancer, from diagnosis through to treatment and beyond.
  • Movement and Meditation: Indoor and outdoor programs featuring physical and mental exercises to increase strength and resilience, build fitness, manage stress, and calm the mind.
  • Caregiving and Self-Care: Providing opportunities to meet with others who have been there, share experiences and benefit from caring for yourself and others.
  • Expressive Arts: Encouraging self-expression through visual art, writing, music and more.

Across these pillars, Wellspring also offers a stream of support to Young Adults with cancer (18-39 years), focusing on the needs and issues affecting this age group and their families. Also, a specific program called Money Matters provides confidential, solution-based one-on-one support to address issues related to drug coverage, insurance, employment, and finances related to cancer costs.

Wellspring Calgary also offers:

  • Speaker Series: Featuring leaders who share information about cancer, wellness, and healing.
  • Peer Support: One-on-one conversations with trained volunteers with similar, shared experiences.
  • Child-Minding: To ensure that parents can take part with confidence.
  • Resource Library: To meet the informational needs of those we serve.
  • Cancer Support Groups: Offering meeting space free of charge for cancer support groups and programs.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of support, resources and programs so anyone living with cancer and the people who care about them can improve the quality of their lives.  We cannot do this alone. We need your help — so no one has to face cancer alone.

For more specific details on all the programs and resources provided by Wellspring Calgary, please visit this page:  https://wellspringcalgary.ca/what-we-offer/programs-overview/ 

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