Quality Assurance

Wellspring Calgary is part of an affiliate network of Wellspring centres across Canada, which began in 1992 in Toronto. As part of the network, Wellspring Calgary is subject to regular and rigorous external evaluations by the parent affiliate to ensure our members, volunteers and supporters that Calgary is fulfilling our commitments to the Wellspring brand and essence in delivery high quality, evidence-informed programs, resources and support to people living with cancer.

In every way possible, Wellspring Calgary strives to maximize its mission impact to support patients and caregivers who seek help to manage their cancer experience.  This goal transcends, quite literally, every aspect of our organization. Several processes are undertaken in support of program quality, including:

The System Performance Review (SPR)

SPR is a comprehensive, multi-modal evaluation strategy to assess the strength and efficacy of all key components that comprise a Wellspring organization.  It is a means to objectively and rigorously assess each key area and, from those findings, identify ways of improving the organization’s working strategies to maximize mission impact, system efficiencies, reach, growth, and long-term sustainability.

The primary objective of the SPR is to create, and support, a continual and shared learning process that strengthens the inner workings of individual Wellspring organizations that are affiliates of the Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation, and also the Wellspring network as a whole.

Program Evaluation

Wellspring’s commitment to high quality programming requires continual monitoring of program outcomes and members’ experiences at Wellspring. This investment in ongoing data collection and analysis is a key input to quality assurances, program development, and efficient operations and delivery.

Wellspring’s data collection and program evaluation activities are overseen by Wellspring Calgary’s Program Committee, a standing committee of the Board of Directors. It is comprised of individuals with cancer or supportive cancer care knowledge, as well as program development, program evaluation and research expertise.

Wellspring Calgary evaluates each program using data sets specific to each program, probing overall satisfaction of program content and experience, quality of leadership and outcome indices with respect to their cancer support needs. The Program Director and Program Committee use this information to continually work to improve program offerings and outcomes.


Occasionally, Wellspring wishes to acquire knowledge about programs beyond its standard data collection variables (for example, physiologic outcomes of Cancer Exercise, and reduction in professional burnout in reference to the Care for the Professional Caregiver program).

Research protocols complement Wellspring’s standard data collection and aim to acquire new knowledge that deepens understanding of supportive care needs or program outcomes. This knowledge supports Wellspring’s program development process and provides a presentation and publication platform to share the knowledge and enhance Wellspring’s reputation. Research projects can be constructed by Wellspring for its own purposes, or be conducted in collaboration with a credible academic or institutional research organization.