Matt Frank

Matt Frank has been transformed by thirst.

He was thirsty for exhilaration – an ambitious and high-performing athlete in his youth.

He was thirsty for knowledge – entering university with a goal and a promising future.

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Fred Dillman

When Fred Dillman was knocked off course by a dire cancer diagnosis, his response was to make peace with his past, refocus on his family, and chart a new course for himself …. walking his way to wellness. Literally.

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Bev Watson

Bev Watson has made a life mission out of defying odds.

She defied the odds in the early 80s when she opened a water store, though several banks refused her financing on the grounds that no one would buy bottled water when it flows freely from the tap.

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Anje Hartman

Anje Hartman says she feels certain Wellspring Calgary has been instrumental in helping her heal emotionally and spiritually after her cancer diagnosis in the fall of 2014.

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