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Invest in our Future

What you can do to help.

You enable us to fulfil our mission to serve people living with cancer at no cost to them. There are so many ways to get involved with Wellspring Calgary. Choose from the options below to start making a difference in people’s lives today.

We do not receive core government or agency funding and rely on the generosity of the community and people like you to ensure no one has to face cancer alone

All of the resources, programs and services at Wellspring are provided at no charge to those living with cancer including the loved ones and caregivers of the person diagnosed.

Now more than ever, every gift makes a difference. We know you have many choices of where to invest your charitable dollars. We hope you take pride in knowing your generosity will reopen doors and improve the lives of all those we are privileged to serve. Thank you for considering Wellspring.

Let’s have a conversation about the positive impact you wish to make through your charitable investment. To answer your questions, please contact our Resource Development team at 587-747-0260 ext. 1234 or email

2020 Fundraising & Admin Costs*

* Based on unaudited financials.

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Improving quality of life

The impact of your investment

Wellspring programs positively affect communities by directly improving the quality of life for people living with cancer, their caregivers and their families by:

  • reducing the isolation often experienced by people living with cancer through a warm and welcoming supportive community
  • providing a comprehensive range of evidence-informed programs, services and other resources that address the non-medical, but vitally important other needs of cancer patients, their caregivers and families, and the community
  • providing support to important unpaid family caregivers, thereby reducing the burden on an over-burdened healthcare system
  • positively addressing the short and long-term mental health concerns experienced by some when diagnosed with a life-threatening illness
  • improving productivity through transitioning supports that assist in returning to work
  • meeting its mission to provide vital, essential services in a highly cost-effective manner, specifically by utilizing exceptional and well-trained volunteers
  • offering vital emotional and practical support to Albertans facing cancer, therefore reducing the burden on the healthcare system and preserving scarce healthcare resources