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Public Programs – October 2022

Our public programs are free and open to the public. Each month we feature different speakers and topics.

Cidalia Campos: gratitude galore

Cidalia Campos has come a long way from Mozambique to volunteering at the Wellspring front desk! She is a dedicated gratitude tracker, wholeheartedly tallying the goodness in her life in a journal she tends to daily. Wellspring, she says, is high on her list.

Jocelyne Busslinger: healing waters

Jocelyne Busslinger had never really paddled a canoe in her life, but when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 58, her mind went immediately to the idea of joining the Sistership Dragon Boat team.

Rob Stauffer: leaning into Wellspring

Rob Stauffer took over 50 Wellspring programs in 12 months. This is a testament to the value of Wellspring, and also a very ambitious feat for someone who admittedly suffers with fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, and other long-term side effects of cancer and treatment.

Wellspring Calgary and Wellspring Edmonton become one organization –   Wellspring Alberta – to provide cancer support across Alberta

Wellspring Calgary and Wellspring Edmonton announced today that southern Alberta-based Wellspring Calgary will combine with its counterpart, Wellspring Edmonton, to form Wellspring Alberta – becoming a stronger, more unified cancer support organization province-wide.

Richard Armand: tuning into support at Wellspring

Richard Armand doesn’t know where he would be today if it weren’t for Wellspring providing helpful programs and comforting connections during the difficult days of caring for his wife Hélène, who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2012.

Jim Little: cancer to the tune of survival

Jim Little is three years past a radical cancer surgery that included complete removal of his stomach, spleen and several lymph nodes. His message to others facing cancer is … “Get involved with Wellspring, there are tons of good free resources there for you. Get involved with other support groups too, there is value in reaching out and connecting.” He also recommends music and calls his guitar a survival tool.

Ann Dowling: journey to Wellspring volunteer

Ann Dowling may have battled breast cancer in 2011, but she doesn’t look back with regret, she views her current healthy life with positivity, and she is filled with gratitude that cancer led her to Wellspring. “I received so many benefits from Wellspring and now I get to volunteer and help others who have faced what I faced.”

Public Programs – September 2022

Our Speaker Series is free and open to the public. Each month we feature different speakers and topics.

Speaker Series – July 2022

Our Speaker Series is free and open to the public. Each month we feature different speakers and topics.

Margo McPhail: Beating Cancer and Paying it Forward to Help Others

In 2019, Margo was making the most of her retirement and spending time with her grandchildren. Life kept her busy and she found fulfillment in giving back to her local community.

Elissa’s Story: Finding the strength within to fight cancer

Elissa had just turned 42 when she felt an uncomfortable lump in her left armpit while swimming at her parents’ outdoor pool. When she went to see her doctor for a regular checkup, she shared her concerns about the lump