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Light it Up Campaign

Every year, Wellspring Calgary holds its Light it Up Campaign, to help shed a light on cancer support. Here’s an update on this year’s campaign.

Facing Their Own Divide

When Wellspring Calgary volunteer Heather Charbonneau and her partner Ken Cook decided to turn their 2021 ‘Conquer the Divide’ bikepacking adventure into a fundraiser for Wellspring Calgary, they had no idea their plans would be radically altered, or that they would be challenged like never before.

Marilyn Will: Tried and True

Marilyn Will has a 360-degree perspective of Wellspring Calgary … she has been a volunteer, member and valued committee member. Read how Marilyn’s connection to Wellspring spans over a decade, and sparked a generous donation from her parents’ art collection.

Speaker Series – September 2021

Our Speaker Series is free and open to the public. Each month we feature different speakers and topics.

Your WILL in Action

Your Will has the power to transform lives! The lives of those you love, and the lives of those who would benefit from your love. By leaving a legacy gift to a charity, your positive impact has boundless reach.

Kristel Boon: Home Away From Home

Kristel Boon says she’s ‘slowly reemerging’ after a cancer diagnosis in 2018 threatened to derail her trip abroad. Read how she is back on home ground and finds solace at Wellspring Calgary.

Gord Rose – Lessons in Love and Loss

For Gord Rose, the latter half of his 50s were especially memorable. He experienced cancer, found love and joy, became a caregiver, and came to know the hard lessons of loss.

Seeking Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Round Table Members

Are you interested in creating more inclusive spaces through thoughtful, open and honest dialogue? Wellspring Calgary is seeking volunteer members for our new Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Round Table.

Putting for a Personal Cause

Stephanie Kirby put Wellspring Calgary forward as a charity of choice for the 2021 MortgageLine golf tournament. Why? Because she knows all too well, how important it is to have support when faced with cancer.

Peggy Brosens – Wellspring Pedal Pusher

If you want to know about Wellspring Calgary’s history, ask Peggy Brosens who has been with Wellspring since its inception, and had the privilege of working with John Stephure, one of our three amazing co-founders. Peggy is also a longtime planner and participant of Cancervive – a cycling fundraiser for Wellspring.

Speaker Series – August 2021

Our Speaker Series is free and open to the public. Each month we feature different speakers and topics.

Ticket to Ride: Ian Loughran

Ian Loughran is pumped to be alive and well at (almost) 50, after facing terminal cancer at 35. He’s also pumping up his bike tires and doing the Cancervive ride in August in support of Wellspring Calgary and those living with cancer. Read Ian’s remarkable story of survival and revival.