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Category: Educational

Resumes and Interviews

This multi-week program identifies strategic and competitive advantages in the workplace, and helps members identify and present their distinctive collection of knowledge, skills, abilities, strengths, and experiences that are valuable and marketable.
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Returning to Work

Members often have a variety of concerns when considering returning to work after living with a cancer diagnosis. This six-week educational and support program is designed to address work following cancer, providing support and strategies to move forward.
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Legal and Employment Matters

Facilitated by legal and human resources specialists, information is provided to help individuals assess the impact an absence from work can have on their employment relationship, understand the perspective of the employer, and clarify their legal rights to assist in planning a work absence and successful return to work.
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Money Matters

Money Matters is a solution-based program designed to assist people with cancer and their family members with information and resources related to various topics including: income replacement programs, drug coverage, returning to work, insurance questions, community resources, estate information, etc.
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Brain Fog

Brain Fog is an eight-week cognitive enhancement program designed to address cognitive changes associated with various cancer treatments. The program, developed by Heather Palmer (PhD Neuropsychology), provides education, enlightenment and practical strategies for dealing with the challenging aspects of post cancer brain change.
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Healing Journey

The Healing Journey is a multilevel program designed to guide and support people who choose to actively engage in their own process of healing.
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