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Category: Expressive Arts

Gardening – Hands On

Let’s get growing! In this extensive gardening series, you are invited to discover (or accentuate) your green thumb and unearth the deep well of joy that comes from planting, nurturing, and watching things blossom and grow.
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Adventures in Art

Adventures in Art: Zoom Buddies is all about setting aside special time just for you, and if you like, your school-aged children.
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Open Art Studio

Open Art Studio helps people to come together and relax. Bring any art project you've either started at Wellspring or from home and work in fellowship with others.
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House Music

Join different musicians each week for a mini concert. Embrace the sense of community that music can bring.
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Art Mix

Art Mix features a number of different ways for you to get involved and express yourself. Whether through mixed media, watercolour, drawing, or simple pleasures, self expression provides tangible benefits.
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Creative Journaling

In Creative Journaling, participants use words, visualizations, and a variety of mixed media techniques to unearth, explore and document their thoughts and emotions. In addition to profound growth gained from processing and understanding their experiences, this program unites participants in hope, support and camaraderie as they journey toward wellness.
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