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Adventures in Art

Intended Audience

All members including people living with cancer, their kids and significant caregivers.

Program Description

Adventures in Art: Zoom Buddies is all about setting aside special time just for you, and if you like, your school-aged children. The goal of this family-friendly program is to tap into your playful side and let it run wild. Let go of judgement and fear, and share your emotions and your stories through the magic of art. Your Zoom Buddy will be on hand to show you wonderful art techniques, and to encourage you to relax and have fun as you explore and express whatever it is that comes bubbling to the surface.

“It is nice to have a scheduled creative time with my kids. The base prompt functions as a starting point for ideas of individual creative self expression.” – Rene

”I love doing art but usually I don’t give myself the time to do it. Adventures in Art creates the time where I can sit down and create. Jude is so nice and it’s a really fun, friendly class.” – Elone

“Adventures in Art is just that, an adventure! It’s a magnificent time to express your true creativity.” – Joss

Benefits and Impact

Art offers a multitude of health and wellness benefits, including self-discovery, stress management and emotional release. In this Wellspring program, members report finding great joy in coming together with others, and great relief as they immerse themselves in projects that take their minds off cancer. The benefits of escaping to a calm, creative mindset are innumerable. In this session, there is often a pleasant mix of chatter, laughter and quiet space, as participants unite in an artistic wonderland, where self-expression has free reign.

What to Expect at a Session

Each session begins with introductions and brief sharing on the topic of the day. Participants are encouraged to relax and connect with their breath, while noticing the creative currents that might be swirling around. What colours are speaking to you in this moment? What images are taking shape? The program leader will remind everyone to tune in and be guided by their own visions. Toward the end of class, those who wish can share and celebrate their masterpieces.

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Adventures in Art

Adventures in Art: Zoom Buddies is all about setting aside special time just for you, and if you like, your school-aged children.

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