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Campfire Classics

Intended Audience

All members including people living with cancer, family members and significant caregivers. Also open to the public.

Program Description

At Campfire Classics, members are invited to join together in a big circle and sing and play favourite and often familiar old songs once a week. Participants are provided with songbooks, chords and lyrics that have been carefully selected and compiled by other members.  Those who play, plays at their own level of expertise, and some choose to join without an instrument and simply sing along rather than play. People who are new to the program sometimes begin by listening, but they quickly join in at whatever their comfort level is, listening, singing and/or playing. This is a safe, relaxed, friendly place where beginners, established musicians, and everyone in between, is welcome. There is no criticism or judgment, just a friendly gathering where members get swept up in the comfort and joy of music and community.

Benefits and Impact

Significant research underscores the physical, mental and emotional benefits of music including reduced stress, relief from pain and anxiety, and cognitive and physical improvement in memory and coordination. Other articles spotlight the positive effects of people sharing music together. In this 2021 article titled How Music Brings People Together, music is shown to provide comfort, connection and community while strengthening empathy and building trust. At Wellspring, members report experiencing immense joy during the various music programs offered whether they are engaging as listeners or players. In Campfire Classics, the cherished ritual of coming together to share words, songs and poetry creates meaningful connections and powerful bonds that are both uplifting and fortifying. A significant benefit is a gradual growth in confidence, expressing personal stories and emotions, and building the musical skills in order to play with a group. Many report that the confidence positively impacts other areas of their lives. 

What to Expect at a Session

Members gather and set up for the song circle.  Songs alternate with relaxed discussion, storytelling and laughter. Any instruments are welcome, from voice to percussion to instruments such as ukulele, guitar, flute, mandolin and more.  This is a member-driven program and participants are free to bring songs to the circle, which are added to the song lists collected in binders, showing words and chords.  Discussion varies from conversations about the music, the instruments, the songs and their history, as well as personal experiences and connections with the music.

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