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Time with Cindy

Intended Audience

Anyone living with cancer, family members and significant caregivers, including members and the public.

Program Description

Time with Cindy is a monthly session where participants gather to reflect on their experiences and share ways to transcend the inevitable times of loss and suffering. Guided by Cindy Lang, a Transitions Support Coach and Registered Social Worker who has been actively involved with the Reverend Bob Glasgow Grief Support Program for over a decade, this program is designed to stimulate thought and create a safe haven for the expression of emotions that suffering often brings. Participation is optional, but for those who engage, Time with Cindy is deeply moving and transformative in nature

“I felt this incredible release, just hearing others voice the fears and feelings I’ve been having myself.”

“In this group I feel affirmed and accepted – it is helping me move forward.”

“I am coming to terms with grief. We will need to co-exist for a while.”

Benefits and Impact

After years of facilitating grief groups, leading workshops and offering one on one coaching, Cindy recognizes the vital impacts that result when those who are experiencing sorrow, grief and difficult transitions are offered a safe gathering place to explore and understand their feelings, together. She attests to the following:

  • When people gather and share they don’t feel as alone in their suffering.
  • People draw hope from witnessing each other’s courage.
  • The expression of emotional pain leads to healthier cognitions.
  • Healthier core beliefs about suffering leads to less emotional turmoil and more energy for other aspects of life.

What to Expect at a Session

Cindy begins each session by presenting psycho-educational material on a chosen topic related to grieving. She then encourages sharing, guiding the conversations by illuminating meaningful insights and ensuring all contributions are honoured. When particularly difficult emotions emerge, they are guided to the surface and the way is cleared for healthy release. At Time with Cindy, hope is ever present and healing is within reach.




What the Research Says

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