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Yoga: For Harmony

Intended Audience

All members including people living with cancer, family members and significant caregivers.

Program Description

This gentle class offers a calm meditative pace with some pose changes and deep breathing for relaxation. The aim is to accommodate all levels and enhance flexibility, strength, mobility, balance and tranquility.

“This class is very pleasant and calming. I liked the ability to stay in the moment.”

“I enjoyed the relaxation and beauty of movement, unique movements and individualized creativity.” 

Benefits and Impact

This program promotes greater ease and well-being in mind and body by equipping participants with the skills and confidence to engage their inner resources and gain mastery over daily stresses and challenges. 

What to Expect at a Session

Following a short centering meditation, participants move and stretch while lying on the floor, sitting in chairs or standing. Each class offers a different series of movements. Breath awareness exercises are incorporated throughout the class.

Program Details



What the Research Says

Yoga has been widely suggested to have a potential role in the health of people living with cancer; many studies report that yoga can improve health-related outcomes such as quality of life, fatigue, cognition, stress, and sleep quality in cancer survivors (Danhauer et al., 2019O’Neill et al., 2020Zetzl et al., 2021). One study on the effects of a breathwork-focused yoga program also observed improvements in fatigue, stress, and quality of life (Dhruva et al., 2012). Even yoga online can be beneficial: a recent publication observed reductions in stress in people living with cancer that participated in yoga programs delivered online (Trevino et al., 2020). 

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