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Membership is free

Anyone over the age of 18 who has received a cancer diagnosis of any type is welcome to become a Wellspring Calgary member free of charge, without referral and at any point in your journey. Significant caregivers and family members are also welcome to become members and take programs.

Participating in this vibrant supportive community gives you access to a wide range of resources, programs, speakers and events. Best of all it gives you a safe landing place among friends… people who understand the physical and emotional landscape of cancer.

We welcome members from Calgary and southern Alberta – from Red Deer to the Canadian border. We also accept members from outside of southern Alberta.

How and where to connect

“Wellspring has been so important to me since my diagnosis and start of treatment last summer. It is a place of hope, kindness and incredible spirit, one that has been a beacon of positivity in a frightening time. I feel safe and happy when I am participating in your programs, and am so grateful that I can do some of them with my son.”
Kate Bilson
Wellspring member

Frequently Asked Questions

Wellspring Calgary membership is for the following individuals:

  • Any adult who is newly diagnosed, in treatment, recovering from cancer, or coping with a cancer that may never go away.
  • Any adult who is emotionally close to and acting in a caregiving role for an adult diagnosed with cancer. The person you are caring for does not need to be a Wellspring member in order for you to join.
  • Any person under the age of 18 years who is emotionally close to an adult family member diagnosed with cancer may attend kid friendly programs. Check the individual program for age ranges.
  • Most of our membership is comprised of individuals from Calgary or southern Alberta – from Red Deer to the Canadian border. However, we do accept members from outside of southern Alberta.
  • Anyone can attend our public programs.

Processing grief is hard and we wish to extend our sincere sympathy for the loss of your loved one.

While Wellspring Calgary does not provide specific bereavement services, we can assist you in the following ways:

Wellspring Calgary Services

Current caregiving members:

  • You can continue to access programs and services for up to one year following the death of your loved one.
  • Book an appointment for a personal conversation with Cindy, Wellspring Calgary’s Transition Support Coach, who can provide a grief assessment and referral services. Call to request an appointment.

All individuals:

  • If you find us following the passing of your loved one, you can access Wellspring Calgary’s public programs, including Time with Cindy. This program offers group opportunities for reflection on grief and loss and provides information on community-based programs and resources. Visit our website to register.
  • Our Money Matters program can provide information and resources before and after bereavement (e.g., information on CPP benefits, funeral planning, wills and estates, community resources, form completion and more). Call to book an appointment.
  • When our centres are open, you are invited to use the library at either location.

We also suggest seeking out external grief services

Because Wellspring works hard not to duplicate services provided by other organizations, we don’t provide membership to children with cancer. Instead, we recommend reaching out to Kids Cancer Care, which specializes in providing these programs and services.

That said, just as Kids Cancer Care is there to support your child living with cancer, Wellspring is here to support you as caregivers. As a caregiver, you may become a Wellspring member and take as many programs as you wish.

Please note that while we do have kid-friendly programs, they are primarily for children whose significant adult has cancer. We don’t have the expertise to support children living with cancer.

Wellspring Calgary has no set membership period, and encourages individuals to take our programs for as long as you feel you need support. However, recognizing that our programs and services are completely donor funded, and in the interest of ensuring those who need our programs are able to take them, here are some general guidelines:

  • For those for whom cancer is no longer significantly impacting your life, or who are no longer caring for someone with cancer, we encourage you to consider becoming a volunteer and/or pursuing broader community programs. In a volunteer role, your lived experience is invaluable, particularly to our newer members. To express your interest visit our Volunteer page and fill out a volunteer form.
  • Caregivers can continue to be a member for the time that they are caring for someone living with cancer. In the unfortunate event that their loved one passes, caregivers are welcome to continue receiving Wellspring support for up to one year following the death of their loved one.

Wellspring Calgary has a Member Code of Conduct, which is our commitment to one another.

The Code of Conduct is as follows:

I understand that my active and ethical participation is important to the success of my involvement and Wellspring Calgary’s efforts. Therefore, I agree to abide by the following guidelines for my participation:

  • I will treat all individuals with fairness and respect and be a positive role model for others with whom I have contact.
  • I recognize that each person associated with Wellspring Calgary must be free to pursue the course of action they choose. In this spirit, I will not offer ‘prescriptions’ to any member of the community. Likewise, I will issue no judgment or criticism upon any member for the choices they make.
  • I respect the right of every person to enjoy the space, solitude and full benefits offered by Wellspring Calgary. To this end, I will not willingly and/or maliciously interfere with staff, instructors, members and/or  volunteers nor cause disruption of sessions.
  • I will hold in confidence all personal information gained about any members I meet, unless the member has agreed to have this information shared OR unless I believe, on reasonable grounds, that sharing such information will minimize harm to that member.
  • I understand that personal relationships are ethical insofar as they do not create a situation in which one person is uncomfortable and/or feeling threatened.
  • I will not place any member of the Wellspring community in a position which creates an ethical or legal dilemma for them (e.g., requests to copy materials in violation of copyright, make fraudulent claims, or make requests for access to confidential material).
  • In choosing to be associated with Wellspring Calgary, I assume the obligation to contribute to the Wellspring Calgary community, and will act accordingly to support the cause of Wellspring Calgary.
  • I will report any concerns to the CEO or to the President of the Board or to a staff member as appropriate.
  • As a Board member, staff, instructor, volunteer, or member I recognize my role as an ambassador to the community, especially when representing Wellspring Calgary and will act accordingly.
  • In order to preserve the privacy, safety and well-being of Wellspring Calgary for all members, I will not solicit or market services or products within the Wellspring Calgary community, unless approved by management.

Wellspring is a registered Canadian charity that receives no core government or agency funding. That means we rely on the generosity of the community and individual donors to ensure we can offer our programs and services at no cost to our members – reducing any barriers to entry. Wellspring Calgary’s charitable business number is 809013675 RR0001.

To make a donation to Wellspring, visit Invest In Our Future.

Hear from our members

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In the past three years, Lillas has journeyed to the ragged edge of sadness, loss, and grief, and instead of toppling into the dark abyss, she somehow found solid ground … a knowingness that settled her soul and revived her joy.

Rosa Escobar: finding cancer support at Wellspring

Rosa was a busy 44-year-old raising three kids of her own and caring for many other kids at her much loved day home, when she began experiencing strange physical symptoms.

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Andrew Del Frari has worked incredibly hard to reinvent his life, after a cancer diagnosis at age 52 ended his 26-year career in the education field, and left him with limited mobility and a diminished sense of purpose.

Shelley Harley: cancer survivor finds support at Wellspring

Shelley Harley’s number one guardian angel has a soft coat, floppy ears, and impeccable loyalty. She is a Bernedoodle; and like Shelley, she is a cancer survivor.