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Member Program Offerings

Experience the benefits of Wellspring

Wellspring Alberta offers a full range of programs and services, both online and in person. Programs are available free of charge and without referral to anyone living with cancer – for those diagnosed, caregivers and kids. 

Click on the programs below for a description. To see what programs are currently available, visit our registration area for members or for the public (right-hand green links).

Explore Our Programs & Services

Adventures in Art

Adventures in Art: Zoom Buddies is all about setting aside special time just for you, and if you like, your school-aged children.

Art Sampling

Art Sampling features a number of different ways for you to get involved and express yourself. Whether through portraits and more, card making or sketching, self expression provides tangible benefits.

Bird Strolls

Bird Strolls is an opportunity to learn about local birds and to meet others who share a common interest in birds.

Brain Fog

Brain Fog is an eight-week cognitive enhancement program designed to address cognitive changes associated with various cancer treatments. The program, developed by Heather Palmer (PhD Neuropsychology), provides education, enlightenment and practical strategies for dealing with the challenging aspects of post cancer brain change.

Campfire Classics

At Campfire Classics, members and the public are invited to join together in a big circle and sing and play favourite and often familiar old songs once a week.

Cancer Connect

Cancer Connect is an informal gathering over coffee, tea and snacks, offered in Red Deer and Lethbridge. These monthly gatherings offer a safe space to connect with others on a similar path and learn strategies for supporting the mind, body and spirit.

Caregiver Support: Finding Sanctuary

Finding Sanctuary offers a safe space for caregivers to gather and share the highs and lows of the caregiving experience. With skilled guidance, individuals are encouraged to develop strategies for staying balanced and meeting their own needs as well as those they are caring for.

Children’s and Parents’ Program

Wellspring offers a Children’s and Parents’ Program that brings parents and their children together for networking, conversations about having cancer in the family, and for tools to help cope with and express feelings.

Come Ride With Us

Experience the joy of riding a bike or e-bike, while building skills, strength, resilience, and a sense of community. The program entails a series of planned group bike rides along safe city trails.

COMPASS for the Caregiver

COMPASS for Caregivers is a multi-session supportive workshop designed by Caregivers Alberta, to help caregivers balance their own wellness with the needs and demands of caring for a loved one.

Creative Journaling

In Creative Journaling, participants use words, visualizations, and a variety of mixed media techniques to unearth, explore and document their thoughts and emotions. In addition to profound growth gained from processing and understanding their experiences, this program unites participants in hope, support and camaraderie as they journey toward wellness.

Dancing for Wellness

Engage in a form of artistic physical expression that pairs whole body movements with music. Designed to promote physical, mental and emotional stimulation, this science-based rhythmic dance program guides participants to a safe space of flow, challenge and connectedness.